Chasing Unanswered Questions…

  • Date: Feb 04, 2019

We asked David on his thoughts on what it means to be content, his unedited response was as follows:

How do you chase unanswered questions?
I chase unanswered questions with a variety of approaches, such as brainstorming on some inspired thought that comes to mind, then analyzing those thoughts afterwards. As an example, without going back to completely analyze the free flow of thoughts… What is heart? To start with, let’s ignore for a moment whether it is a physical entity:

  • Without heart, there is no emotion.
  • Without emotion, there is no passion.
  • Without passion, there is no reward.
  • Without reward, there is no contentment.
  • Without contentment, there is no purpose.
  • Without purpose, there is no hope.
  • Without hope, there is no meaning.
  • Without meaning, there is no life.
  • Without life, there is no heart.

The initial thought is that the heart is circular. A working title would be: “The Circle of Heart.” The next thought was, “Without soul, there is no heart? Without spirit, is there no soul? Would life exist without soul and or spirit? Hey!!!!” I need to address how to feed and expand an empty heart… “May your heart always be filled with such contentment that it overflows freely to others.” Although this clearly begs for a philosophical discussion to complete the exercise, let’s stop here.

After completing this short exercise, I researched this online and found that—not surprisingly—I was not the first to arrive at the similar conclusion: that “we all have a tendency to go around in circles, searching, and sometimes finding contentment.”

What are the things that you could never do without?
Hmmmmmm…. In the whole meta-universe? For eternity? Or just getting though today?

There may be only one thing, emotions aside for a minute, that I could not do without: change. Though being open enough to participate collectively in unison, allowing all to adapt and benefit equally to constant change seems insurmountable to achieve at times. Well, if that seems insufficient, there is also the follow list:

1. That thing which gives all a reason.
2. That thing which supports all with a healthy atmosphere.
3. That thing which protects all from the elements.
4. That thing which provides all with essential nutrients.
5. That thing which nurtures all with companionship.
6. That thing which fulfills all with contentment

What do you spend a lot of time thinking about?
Whether I should think about it all.

In conclusion?
In the end, it is not about the question poised, but whether you have left behind more than what you have gained—without expecting anything in return other than the self-contentment that comes from knowing what you have given.

After 40 years in the entertainment industry, it gives me great contentment in knowing millions experience my contributions without ever knowing who I am or what I have contributed to in their enjoyment.

-David Wronski is SVP, Architectural Design at EagleVision Entertainment Studios